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Whether you are considering an MBA or a specialized business masters, we know that going back to business school is a big decision.
QS申请2020is our effort to be your "one-stop shop" for everything relating to enrolling in business school. QS申请2020aims to guide you through your business school application process through 3 main stages:


Discover the different business degrees by choosing from a series of livecasts hosting some of the world’s leading business schools in US, Europe and the UK.


Comparethe different programs and calculate the cost using our unique and personalized MBA ROI calculator. It adapts to the top ranked 150 business schools, industry and even the location of your post-MBA job.


Prepare to apply by meeting admissions directors at a QS event in your city, ace the admissions tests using QS Leap and schedule your exclusive consultation call with our students counselling team.

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Compare your MBA ROI
Find the total cost of tuition as well as the average post-MBA salary for 150 top business schools. Tailor your results by industry, location and school.
Watch and compare
The most valuable MBA advice
所有你需要知道的关于如何使most of your time at Business School.

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