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8 of the Best Cities for Business Students


By Laura T

Updated October 13, 2021 Updated October 13, 2021

Big business is based in big cities, and those looking tostudy businessor business-related programs are after drawn to the world’s major business hubs, not least due to the dream of finding prestigious internships and graduate training schemes nearby. Below, we’ve listed 8 of thebest cities for business students. Drawing on the results of theQS最佳学生城市2015and theQS World University Rankings by Subject 2015: Business and Management, we look at the number oftop business schoolsin each city, as well as the general industry outlook.

While some of the best cities for business listed below may be more obvious than others (ahem, London!), there’s still plenty of diversity on offer, with cities acrossAsia,Europe,North Americaand大洋洲.


City of London, UK

TheUK伦敦领先的财务枢纽,占整个国家GDP的22%,并拥有840,000多个私营部门业务的所在地,伦敦有很多可为潜在的商务学生提供的。该市不仅在最近发布的business and management ranking, it is also home to 100 of Europe’s largest companies, meaning graduate opportunities for business students are plentiful.

Ranking in the QS Best Student Cities 2015:3rd

伦敦顶级商学院:London Business School(1stfor business and management);伦敦经济学学院(LSE, 9th);Imperial College London(35th);City University London(51-100);King's College London(KCL,51-100);UCL(University College London, 101-150).


Yeouido business district, Seoul, SK

韩国is one of the four ‘Asian tigers’, renowned for their remarkable economic development throughout the second half of the 20thcentury and beyond. The capital city of Seoul is where this growth is most evident; it’s now the world’s fourth largest metropolitan economy, following global citiesTokyo,New York CityandLos Angeles. Also one of the largest cities in the world, Seoul is home to another impressive selection of the world’s 200 top business schools.

Ranking in the QS Best Student Cities 2015:10th

Top business schools in Seoul:Seoul National University(SNU, 33rdfor business and management);Korea University(45th);Yonsei University(48=);Sungkyunkwan University(51-100);Hanyang University(151-200);Kyung Hee University(151-200);索贡大学(151-200).


Downtown Boston, US

The wider metropolitan area of Boston is home to two of the world’s most famous institutions – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Boston, which come first and fourth in the overall QS World University Rankings®. These two are also internationally renowned for business and management, thanks to the ultra-prestigious Harvard Business School and MIT’s Sloan School of Management. A fairly affluent, leafy city in theUS’s New England region, Boston promises booming industry in biotechnology, financial services and tourism.

Ranking in the QS Best Student Cities 2015:6th

Top business schools in Boston:Harvard University(2ndfor business and management);Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT, 6th);Boston University(51-100);Boston College(101-150)。

4.Hong Kong


这个“特殊行政区”是中国南部海岸繁华的岛屿城市,Hong Kongemerged from a series of historical conflicts to become the thriving hub of global trade and finance it is today. Known for its gleaming skyline and efficient infrastructure, Hong Kong has a highly developed capitalist economy offering moreeconomic freedom比世界上任何地方,第七最大t stock exchange. To read more about studying in Hong Kong, see our dedicatedguide.

Ranking in the QS Best Student Cities 2015:5th

Top business schools in Hong Kong:Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(Hkust,18thfor business and management);University of Hong Kong(HKU, 24th); the香港中国大学(Cuhk,28th);City University of Hong Kong(46=);Hong Kong Polytechnic University(51-100)。


City of Melbourne, Australia

Australiaboasts an impressive number of the world’s最宜居的城市,其中之一是墨尔本,墨尔本是一个从强大的医疗保健服务,文化多样性,犯罪和腐败水平低的城市中受益的,以及原始的阳光散落的街道。除了提供亚太地区领先的金融中心之一和澳大利亚10家最大的公司中的五个,还拥有旅游,体育,医疗保健,艺术和娱乐以及研究与发展的成功行业。

Ranking in the QS Best Student Cities 2015:2nd

Top business schools in Melbourne:TheUniversity of Melbourne(15thfor business and management);Monash University(39=);Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology(RMIT, 51-100);Deakin University(151-200).


Singapore skyline

The third Asian tiger featured in this list (along with South Korea and Hong Kong), city-stateSingaporeis another Eastern economic success story. Boasting the world’s fourth largest financial center and one of the world’s top five busiest ports, Singapore is also the only country in Asia to hold a triple-A credit rating. Singapore’s booming market economy depends heavily on trade, offering good levels of economic freedom and low tax rates. Surprisingly for a port city, Singapore also boasts some of the world’slowest levels of corruption,类似于在斯堪的纳维亚半岛看到的水平。了解有关在新加坡学习的更多信息guide.

Ranking in the QS Best Student Cities 2015:15th

Top business schools in Singapore:National University of Singapore(NUS, 11thfor business and management);南南技术大学(NTU, 31st);Singapore Management University(50=);London School of Business and Finance Singapore



For two years running, Paris has ranked first in the QS Best Student Cities, and for good reason! The city’s position is largely thanks to its affordable higher education fees, combined with its vast number of internationally renowned universities. Boasting five of the world’s top 200 business schools, Paris offers a great environment for business students and graduates alike. The banking and financial center ofFrance, the Paris region accounts for 30% of the nation’s GDP (US$694 billion in 2012) and ranks among the top five wealthiest regions in Europe, with as many as 30 Fortune Global 500 companies headquartered here.

Ranking in the QS Best Student Cities 2015:1st

Top business schools in Paris:HEC Paris(13= for business and management);巴黎ESSEC商学院(51-100);ESCP Europe(101-150);Université Paris Dauphine(101-150);Université Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne(151-200).



Another of Australia’s most-coveted cities is Sydney, renowned for its cultural landmarks, sandy beaches and as the site of the world’s largest natural harbor. Claiming a US$337 billion GRP (gross regional product) – bigger than the entire nations of Denmark, Singapore or Hong Kong – Sydney has particularly strong industry in finance, manufacturing and tourism. Despite Australia being among the world’s most expensive places to live, wages in Sydney may well compensate for this, offering the7thhighest wage levelsof any city worldwide, all great news for business students!

Ranking in the QS Best Student Cities 2015:4th

悉尼顶级商学院:TheUniversity of New South Wales(UNSW, 19= for business and management);University of Sydney(32nd);University of Technology, Sydney(UTS, 51-100);Macquarie University(101-150)。

More of the world’s best cities for business students:

This article was originally published in May 2015 . It was last updated in October 2021

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